DNMC is a group of dairy industry professionals that works as a team to offer services and consulting to dairy producers. The group strives to offer differentiation in the nutrition industry. DNMC partners with and offers leadership to their clients in a variety of ways in addition to the task of traditional ration formulation. We feel that a dairy is successful only when the employees at the farm are well trained in theory and practice. It is a focus at DNMC to work with clients on regularly scheduled employee development events. As well, we use data from DNMC Weekly Reports as a tool for employee training. These weekly reports also serve as a frequent report card on the success of the client’s business. Included in DNMC’s data analysis is a full evaluation of the true profitability of the dairy. It is a stated goal that the consulting efforts of the group result in maximizing and tracking the true bottom-line profitability of their clients. DNMC continues to be basic in diet formulation. Using an industry leading nutrition model, DNMC is able to formulate diets with minimum cost that support maximum profitability. So, if it is working with diet formulation, employee training, farm data collection and analysis or tracking bottom line profitability, DNMC maintains very close working relationships with its client base.

Diet Formulation:

  • Formulations to maximize cow health and milk flow
  • Industry leading nutrition modeling
  • Knowledge of markets & real ingredient values
  • Best allocation of feed dollars to maximize return

Expertise in Forage Production and Utilization:

  • Economic, agronomic and cow health considerations
  • Forage specie/Variety selection
  • Harvest and storage considerations
  • Prediction models to calculate acreage needs

Records Analysis:

  • Working knowledge of dairy records & feeding software
  • Analysis for key performance indicators
  • Benchmarking with other clients (South & Mid West)
  • Real-Time web based dairy performance reporting
  • Employee training based on performance tracking
  • Middle manager development & training

Consulting Style:

  • Monthly or every other week on-farm visits
  • Time spent in the pens with boots on-walkin’ cows!
  • Easy access to consultants between farm calls

Key Concepts:

  • Cow Health Focus
  • Transition Health
  • High Milk Prod
  • Boots in the Pen
  • Feed Efficiency
  • Feed Economics
  • Records Analysis
  • Employee Training
  • Team Meetings
  • Forage Production