About DNMCmilk:
DNMC is a group of dairy industry professionals working as a team to offer services, consulting, leadership and coaching to dairy producers and dairy heifer raisers. The group strives to offer differentiation in the nutrition industry. Working from more than 25 years of experience, the approach to consulting at DNMC is driven by a deep understanding of dairy production and economics.  DNMC partners with and offers leadership to their clients in a variety of ways in addition to the task of traditional ration formulation. From fine tuning diets, observing cattle, collecting data and working with dairy employees to financial analysis and strategic planning, the scope of work is broad. Data from DNMC’s weekly Green Sheets and monthly reports serve as a guide for coaching efforts. The Green Sheet is a weekly report card showing the success and opportunities at the dairy. Included in DNMC’s data analysis is a unique look at items proven to drive profitability. It is a goal that the consulting efforts of the group result in maximizing and tracking true bottom-line profitability.

While understanding the keys to dairy management is important, DNMC must excel in diet formulation.  Through high-end technical support and a wide range of academic resources, the formulation approach stays current with the newest research results. Using an industry leading, dynamic nutrition model, DNMC is able to formulate diets while managing cost to support maximum profitability. All of these efforts are summarized in a proprietary software platform called the Feed and Milk Model (FMM).  The FMM is a real-time software application that summarizes multiple rations, animal data, feed/milk values and milk production/components into predicted financial results. No matter if it is working with diet formulation, employee training, data/performance collection and analysis or tracking bottom line profitability, DNMC is deeply involved in the management of its client’s operations.

DNMC strives to offer leadership to the dairy and feed industry. The staff is active in authoring both popular press and scientific publications. As well, DNMC nutritionists are sought after for conference speaking opportunities in the US and internationally. The group’s experience, scope and industry standing offer value to industry and academic colleagues in the areas of product development, marketing plans and field research.

Aspects of Ration Modeling and Formulation:
Formulations that maximize cow health and milk solids production while optimizing feed cost inputs 
Industry-leading heifer nutrition systems to grow and develop replacement animals
Dynamic nutrition modeling and a wide range of research-based advisors
Knowledge of ingredient markets and calculation of true ingredient values
Expertise in fiber analysis systems to correctly utilize forages
Best allocation of feed dollars to maximize milk revenue

Expertise in Forage Production and Utilization:
Economic, agronomic and cow health considerations that drive forage production and purchasing
Forage specie/Variety selection and agronomic considerations
Harvest-time and storage consulting for maximum feeding quality
Prediction model to calculate acreage needs and incoming ingredient logistics

Records Analysis:
Expertise in combining dairy records and feeding software data with milk component valuation
Weekly summary of key performance indicators and economic results tracking
Benchmarking with other clients
Employee training guided by weekly performance indicators

Consulting Style:
Monthly or every other week on-farm visits based on client needs
Careful observation of cows, feed ingredients, systems and employees
All consulting work documented and cataloged on DNMC’s website client portal
Easy access to consultants between farm calls
Teamwork with other professionals including veterinarians, risk managers, agronomists, etc.
An overall humble approach to understanding client needs and providing resources to meet those needs

The DNMC Dairy Summit:
The Dairy Summit is an industry leading event started by DNMC in 2008. Popular with dairy producers, and known for high quality and timely topics and presenters, the Summit is the annual highlight for  DNMC. The staff, industry partners, clients, academic colleagues and other dairy leaders gather to enjoy learning and fellowship. The Dairy Summit student essay contest has offered an opportunity for dozens of dairy focused college students to connect with the industry. Cash prizes for winners have been helpful for these students to continue their education.  For DNMC, the contest is a way to give back to the next generation of dairy professionals in an overall show of support for our industry. www.DairySummit.com